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Hayashiya is located at the confluence of the Naka River, whose water source is the Nasu Mountain Range, and the Hoki River, whose water source is Shiobara.
In particular, the Naka River is one of the clearest rivers in the Kanto region known for its natural run-up sweetfish, and is called the “Shimanto River in the west and the Naka River in the east.” Nasuno runs through the field, connects the towns along the Yamizo Mountains, and flows into the Pacific Ocean. The stream of about 150 kilometers has few artificial embankments and is dotted with huge rocks and cliffs that have been carved over the years. It is a clear stream rich in nature.
People living there are very interested in the river, and the Naka River still brings many blessings.

It is a proof that the river is alive.

For example, Iso with Japanese pepper miso in spring, Wakaayu in summer, Eel in midsummer, Fallen sweetfish in autumn, Kanro-ni in winter, etc. In addition, it is a treasure trove of ingredients such as sculpin, snail, and loach throughout the four seasons.

For more than fifty years since our founding, we have been accepting the blessings of the Nakagawa River and continuing our business.
The storefront is filled with the fragrant aroma of grilling sweetfish and the smoke of grilling eel all the time.
Also, the fragrant aroma of soy sauce, which is stewed in a large pot.
The scene is the scenery of the town itself, which has not changed since its establishment.