Privacy polisy

(1) Regarding the collection, use and provision of personal information

1. Definition of personal information
We define personal information as all information that can identify a specific individual. 2. When collecting customer’s personal information, we will collect and use it only to the extent necessary, after clearly notifying the purpose for collecting it and obtaining consent. In addition, unless there are special circumstances, we will not disclose the collected information to a third party without the consent of the person themself. If an individual, etc. requests confirmation (disclosure), correction, suspension of use, or deletion of that information after it has been provided, please contact the person in charge below. We will follow the procedures prescribed by our company, including confirming the identity of the person who provided the personal information themself, and promptly respond within a reasonable time frame. 3. Outsourcing the processing of personal information
When outsourcing the processing of personal information, we will select a vendor that meets the sufficient protection level of personal information based on the consignee selection criteria set by our company, and mandate it by contract so that personal information will not be leaked etc.

(2) Purpose of use of retained personal data

The purpose of use of all retained personal data held by the Company is as follows.

1. Purpose of use of personal information relating to orderer for mail orders
・ Sending products (including samples)
・ Providing after-sales service
・ Sending letters to inform you about new products (including sending by e-mail)
2. Purpose of use of personal information relating to users who make inquiries
・ Responding to consultations, questions, and suggestions regarding products, advertisements, etc.
・ Reflecting opinions on business activities such as product development and improvement etc.

(3) Proper management of personal information

We will keep collected personal information accurate and up-to-date, implement reasonable safety measures and take necessary corrective measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage etc., of personal information.

(4) Compliance with laws and standards

We will comply with laws and standards that have been applied in relation to personal information held by us, and will endeavor to improve the efforts in each of the above items as appropriate.

(5) Regarding revisions of the personal information protection policy

We will review and revise the personal information protection policy as appropriate so that customers can use our website with peace of mind. The revised personal information protection policy will be posted on our website promptly.

Inquiries regarding ‘Personal Information Protection Policy’
Hayashiya River Fish Store Co., Ltd.
Personal information management manager and representative director Hiroshi Kobayashi